TOP 10 Best Sand Blasters 2021

Le Lematec Sand Blaster Gun Kit for All Blasting Projects, Remove Paint, Stain, Rust, Grime on Surfaces and Pool Cleaning
  • The Le Lematec sandblaster is easy to use, and the setup kit comes with a 1/4'' NPT quick connector, user manual, and media guide so you can be on your way to sandblasting quickly.
  • Sandblasting equipment is great for a number of jobs including glass etching, stripping paint, rust, grime, moss, mold, and scale on an automobiles, hot tubs, tile, pools, and other surfaces.
  • The sand blaster pressure washer supports various media like steel grit, glass beads, soda, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, black diamond, and more.
  • Sandblasting with the gravity feed sandblaster makes sandblasting convenient without being tethered to a siphon hose. Blast in tight spaces or hard to reach areas.
  • We recommend an air compressor that can maintain over 90-150 PSI with a minimum cfm of 4.0 for optimum results. An air compressor inline air filter is needed and not included.
Evepoly Sand Blaster Sand Blaster Gun Kit Handheld Pneumatic Gravity Feed Portable Sandblasting Gun Works with All Blasting Abrasives Remove Paint, Stain, Rust, Grime on Surfaces and Pool Cleaning
  • SB-255A Sand Blaster Gun.easy to use.original portable sandblaster design.Top-mounted ABS hopper holds up to 510 ml of blast media.
  • Sand Blaster Gun works in so many ways. use it as a soda blaster, walnut blaster, sand blaster, bead blaster, media blaster, & spot blaster are just to name a few functions that our sand blasting equipment provides. perform spot blasting for diy, auto restoration, furniture refinishing.
  • Strong rust removal function.Includes: cleaning the pool, peeling paint, bathtub, tile, car damaged paint finish, sink dirt, glass etching, moss and other items!
  • Supports A Number Of Abrasive Media: soda blaster supports various abrasive and sandblasting media such as baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, sand, glass beads, silica, walnuts and more.
  • Sandblast with AS118 Soda blaster also works great in sandblast cabinets for all your small projects. Improve your work efficiency and solve work projects perfectly!Sand can be used in normal sand, black steel, diamond, glass beads, etc. 46-100 mesh can be used.
ALC Keysco 40002 Sand Blaster
  • Holds approx. 90lbs. of abrasives
  • Blasting Time: 30-45 Minutes
  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Pull up closure for loading of abrasive
  • Handle for moving ease
Sand Blaster Bench Top Sandblasting Large Volume Sand Blasters Cabinet for Steel Grit, Glass Beads, Walnut Shells/Various Media Compatible Pressure Blasting Cabinet (Blue)
  • IDEAL SURFACE TREAMENT: The gravity sandblasting can perfectly handle the surface of large work piece, suitable for the high density surface treatment requirements. Air compressor delivery of 40-120PSI @ 15-25CFM
  • 4 EXTRA NOZZLE+LARGE GLOVES: Equipped with blasting gun kit, 4 pcs nozzle(4/5/6/7mm), And oversized rubber gloves for easier grip.Removable mesh-design work surface tray and drain plug for easy cleaning
  • OVERSIZED RUBBER GLASS+LED TUBE: Oversized viewing rubber glass with built-in LED tube for better visibility. Removable plastic film to protect the glass from corrosion
  • STURDY STEEL+MULTI-MEDIA UNIVERSA This sand blaster is made of sturdy steel, the powder coating can resist rust and corrosion. you can use different media depending on the situation, such as glass beads, silica sand, alum oxide and more
  • SATISFACTORY SERVICE: If you have any problem with the products you receive, please contact us. We will reply you immediately and help you solve the problem. (Logistics transportation may cause door damage, please contact us)!!!
Eastwood 100 Lbs Portable Air Pressure Abrasive Blaster Tank with Blast Hose & Pressure Gauge to Remove Rust and Paint Faster
  • Features High-Volume, Extra-Large Valves, Which Means More Air Volume And More Abrasive Flow For Faster Removal Of Rust And Paint
  • 100-Lbs. Blaster Has Large & High-Flow Valves To Speed Rust And Paint Removal
  • 8 Inch Long Heavy-Wall Blast Hose With Dead-Man Valve
  • Overall Dimensions: 11 in.X 17 X 34 in
  • Requires 10 Cfm At 90 Psi
Black Bull SFSB90 90 Pound Gravity Feed Abrasive Blaster
  • Remove oxidation, paint and rust
  • Includes 4 ceramic nozzles, 8 foot x 3/8 inch blasting hose, pistol grip blast gun, and protective hood
  • Heavy-duty all steel construction, Gravity feed design, 7.5 gal. tank size , 90 poundscapacity
  • Maximum working pressure: 120 psi, Air consumption: 7CFM @ 80 psi, Use 80 grit or smaller diameter abrasive
  • 10 inch rubber wheels; overall size: 16 inch L x 18 inch W x 36 inch T; weighs 20 pounds
Le Lematec Sandblaster Gun Kit with Continuous and Gravity Blasting Functions
  • Premium Sand blaster optimal blasting pressure is One Hundred Fifty psi with a minimum of four cfm
  • The Sand Blaster Gun Kit has a media compartment supporting various media like steel grit glass beads soda silicon carbide aluminum oxide black diamond and more
  • A gravity feed sandblaster gun offering flexibility and perfect for spot sandblasting. It also works as a siphon feed media blaster for small to large scale sandblasting activities
  • Perfect for glass etching paint stripping rust grime moss mold and scale on an automobile hot tubs tile pools and other surfaces
  • Longer sandblasting action with its ten foot siphon hose and siphon tube best for larger jobs
Performance Tool M549 Portable Abrasive Blaster Kit
  • Remove rust, paint, graffiti, corrosion and scale
  • Heavy duty 50lb capacity hopper, aluminum blast gun and 15' material hose
  • Compatible with any abrasive: silica, sand, glass beads, and pecan shells
  • Operating pressure: 90psi
  • Minimum air requirement 3.5cfm at 50psi
Neiko 30068A Abrasive Air Sand Blaster Handheld Gun | Replaceable Steel Nozzle | Various Media Compatible Gravity Feed Hopper
  • Perfect machine for a variety of needs: etches mirror and glass, removes metal rust, paint, oil and oxidation, and cleans dirt from tiles and grout
  • Handheld frame grip is ergonomic, lightweight and portable, making it versatile for both industrial heavy duty work and home appliance maintenance
  • Accepts multiple types of media including Silicon Carbide baking soda, sand, aluminum oxide beads, glass, and walnut shells
  • Pressurized compressed air powerfully accelerates gravity fed abrasive media through 5. 0mm 2-15/16” x 7/32” Dia nozzle to cover greater surface profile
  • Operating pressure: 90 PSI, Air consumption: 7 SCFM, sand specification: aluminum oxide (#46 - #100)
Titan 19450 Sand Blaster
  • Includes: Hopper, Aluminum Blast Gun, 15ft. Material Hose
  • Use with an air compressor to remove rust, paint, graffiti, corrosion & scale
  • Compatible with any abrasive: silica, sand, steel grit, glass beads & pecan shell
  • Gravity feed for constant flow of blasting material
  • Operating Pressure: 90 PSI

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